Thank You for Attending!

Thank you for attending Abacus Next’s Partner Conference 2016! We deeply appreciate your attendance and hope you found your experience worthwhile. Whether it was sharing great ideas, anticipating the future, or connecting with other professionals, we enjoyed our time together. Also, let us extend a hearty thank you to all our partners, authors, presenters, and attendees for making the event such a well-attended event. We hope to see you next year!


What is the Abacus Partner Conference?

These are not typical times in the technology world, and this is not a typical conference. At the Abacus Partner Conference, you are not just an attendee – you are a fundamental part of the entire experience: engaging with Abacus technologies, partners, and contributing to the event’s dialogue. There will be conference speakers with inspiring messages focused on innovation and ideas, while mixing in networking and fun. Most importantly, the Abacus Partner Conference is an interactive conference aimed to meet your needs. What do you want to experience? Who do you want to talk to? What do you want to learn? How can we help you succeed?

Over the conference’s two days, stay current in industry topics, share in the Abacus vision, and remain inspired to assist your clients on their technology implementation journey. You will leave the event energized and equipped to utilize Abacus technologies to offer the professional experiences needed to elevate both you and your clients’ businesses to new heights of success.


Special Thanks to Our 2016 Sponsors